Vermont’s Doe Camp: “A Backcountry Retreat for Adventurous Women”

2013 Doe Camp

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Twice each year, Vermont Outdoors Woman hosts an event known as Doe Camp described as “A Backcountry Retreat for Adventurous Women.” VOW is a volunteer, member-driven, non-profit organization and their seasonal camps offer women a weekend to learn exciting and essential skills in a special environment that otherwise may feel less inviting to some.

In a recent article published on, Deborah Lee Luskin described her experience at the Doe Camp last March by saying, “Among these women, I felt both safe and unembarrassed to ask the most basic of questions, and I felt honored to learn from their collective experience.”

Classes range from gun skills and winter survival to dog sledding and axe skills. Other classes vary from season to season. This winter’s Doe Camp took place at Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee last March. Participants learned how to ice fish, cook gourmet camping food and how to hunt. Many of the participants have made a tradition of attending with their mothers, daughters, classmates and coworkers.

Luskin attended the camp with her daughter. “I also gained insight into animal behavior: Deer burp, grunt and bleat for good reasons. Turkeys fear owls and hate crows. It is precisely this hunter’s knowledge of animal behavior that I want to learn.”

The biannual tradition began 14 years ago. Since then, participation in the event continues to grow. According to the Vermont Outdoor Woman web-site, every woman who attended the camp said that they would recommend the unique retreat to others. To learn more go to

The next retreat will be held at Jack-son’s Lodge in Canaan, September 18-20, 2015. A $100 deposit will hold your spot and the total cost for the weekend is $370. There are special discounts for mother-daughter attendees, groups and VOW members. See you there!

By Brielle King