ENOSBURG FALLS—Vermont’s Progressive Party is experiencing an internal debate over the issue of “gun-control” in general and Senate Bill 31 in particular. While some prominent Progressives are backing S.31, including Sen. David Zuckerman from Chittenden. Zuckerman made a name for himself in 2006 by introducing a resolution to the legislature calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. More recently, Zuckerman is pressing forward with legislation to legalize marijuana. He has been much less vocal about his support for tightened gun restrictions.

The issue is a familiar one in Franklin County where Republican Larry Fiske defeated Progressive Cindy Weed last November. During the campaign it was inferred that Weed is a gun control advocate undoubtedly harming her campaign. But according to Weed, she has never expressed support for tightening Vermont’s gun restrictions and points out that “gun control” is not part of the Progressive Party’s platform.

Other prominent Vermont Progressives, who asked not to be named, have indicated that they do not support S.31. In Burlington, one long-time Progressive insider calls S.31 “political suicide” and says “This is just another wedge issue to divide Vermonters.”

by J.D. Thomason