More Vermont Towns Seek to Collar Lawless Canines

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Shelburne Town Clerk with Otis, another “satisfied customer.” Photo courtesy of Shelburne Town Clerk website.

Selectboard members in the town of Newark complain of three municipal challenges: 1. road repairs, 2. trash and recycling costs, and 3. the headache that draws the most howls — dogs.

“Dog problems persist,” members wrote residents this winter. “The town is now employing the Caledonia County Sheriff to assist with complaints.”

Adds the Selectboard in Barnet: “One of the most difficult issues we face is dog control. Most of our citizens have no idea of how much time this particular item takes up.”

And local leaders in Bradford: “The beagle that was running loose last year generated about 75 calls in a 2½ week period. It was impossible to respond to every call. Thanks to everyone for the tips to help catch him.”

Flip through this month’s town meeting annual reports and you’ll find a growing number of Vermont communities seeking to collar lawless canines.

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