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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sue Minter seen here wearing a Gun Sense Vermont t-shirt, rallying supporters in favor of universal background checks in Montpelier. J.D. Thomason

Universal Background Checks For All Gun Sales In Vermont: Legislation Faces Staunch Opposition, Implementation Challenges

The issue, however, has been divisive since the organization Gun Sense Vermont began promoting tighter controls on gun sales in the state. The most recent effort to implement universal background checks has drawn additional criticism as Vermont remains one of the states suffering the least from gun crime.

Letter from Linda Maloney of Enosburg Falls

In response to Bob DePino’s letter: (1) The issue is assault rifles, which the founders did not envision, and which have no place in civil society. (2) The great majority…

Letter from Bob DePino of Westminster West

or common sense gun safety — Ignore the Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Dr. Richard Burgoyne made some pretty bold statements in his anti-liberty commentary on the Manchester Journal.

Dr. Burgoyne states “Gun violence is one of America’s greatest tragedies and a huge public health crisis.”

Except, the facts do not confirm his narrative.