Volunteers Needed to Report Roadkill Sightings: WildPaths Project to Document Wildlife Crossing Roadways

Montgomery – As spring warms our region, animals are on the move and will often be seen both successfully and unsuccessfully crossing roadways. Cold Hollow to Canada is seeking volunteers for it’s WildPaths Project to help document where animals are choosing to cross roads in the Northern Green Mountains. Data gathered by volunteers will help direct local transportation efforts, maintain crucial connections between core wildlife habitats, and improve the safety on roadways for both people and wildlife.


Americans fear a life of ‘dead-end crap jobs with crap wages’

Jo-Ann was a child prodigy who went to college at age 14. She graduated and landed a coveted job at Citigroup.

Soon she was flying around the world leading meetings. Then she jumped to a management role at a financial printer. She was middle class, maybe even on her way to the upper middle class … until the tech bubble burst. And September 11th hit.

The U.S. fell into a recession and companies cut back. In 2002, Jo-Ann was forced to train the Indian workers that would replace her.

Bennington County Courthouse in Manchester Creative Commons

Bennington Locks Up More People Than Any Other Vermont County

More than 300 Vermonters have died of drug overdoses in the past three years. But rarely has a dealer faced criminal charges as a result. A St. Johnsbury woman received a suspended sentence of two to five years for selling a fatal dose of heroin to a Groton man in 2014. Two years ago, a Burlington dealer allegedly sold heroin to his roommate, who took 24 hours to die on the premises. For that, he faced two years in prison.