Catherine Robbins, Hilda M. Kurth and Kathleen Norris, 1927. 

Vermont’s First Women of the Long Trail

You’re a woman in 1927, just seven years after the 19th Amendment has given you the right to vote. You live in the age of short flapper skirts, bathtub gin and silent movies.

Why would you gather two of your female friends, lace up your 14-inch-high boots with moccasin toes, button up your flannel shirt and hike the Long Trail from end to end?

Budget Writers Say $35 Million Needed in New Revenues

Members of the House tax and budget committees commiserated Friday over the bad news: This year, just like last year, lawmakers are having trouble resolving the state’s budget gap.

Black Bear on the Deck VTFW

It’s Time to Remove Bird Feeders

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says warm spring weather and melting snows are causing bears to come out of their winter dens early in search of a meal. The department recommends taking down bird feeders now to avoid attracting them.

Bears are very fond of suet and bird seed, especially black oil sunflower seed. Bringing feeders in at night doesn’t work, because bears will still feed on seed that is spilled on the ground.