Letter from Bob DePino

Re: Leave my family alone, Marion Mohri

Apparently, I was mistaken to think that the public back and forth with Ms. Mohri was over, but I was wrong.
I have well documented Ms. Mohri’s personal attacks on me on our website.

Her 3 nasty emails (which I did NOT reply to) are listed on the website and my commentary on them was included.

I haven’t posted anything in the papers in over a month and forgot about this issue, but on Sunday afternoon, March 6th 2016, Ms. Mohri called my home, TWICE, to initiate a new attack (first with me, then my wife).
She has now escalated the issue into a personal confrontation.

A portion of our one-sided conversation can be found here: http://gunownersofvermont.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016_03_06_Marion-Mohri.mp3

I wrote an initial response and one follow up, but she will not be satisfied until I say “I was wrong”.

Hey, if that’s all it takes, “I was wrong.”  I am human, last I checked.  Is this the end?  I doubt it.

The crux of her rants was her comment about the number of “gun injuries and deaths” in 2013.

Grouping all the numbers of any topic into a single value to use as the justification for a cause, is the hallmark of the “alarmist”.

Imagine grouping ALL the automobile deaths, aircraft deaths, train deaths, boating deaths, and cycling deaths together?  Nobody would leave their home for fear of dying in a transportation accident.

The CDC releases annual reports that have the numbers grouped one way, then the WISQARS database lists them in a different grouping.

While the COMBINED raw numbers on the WISQARS web site of deaths and injuries total 117,895 (I missed a checkbox), this is without any analysis or interpretation.

If we analyze the numbers a bit, 33,636 were fatal and 84,259 are non-fatal.
Of the 33,636 fatal injuries, 21,175 were suicide, 505 were accidental, and 516 were justifiable self-defense, and 281 were undetermined.
Only 11,159 of those 117,895 total injuries, were deaths by unjustifiable homicide.
Only 62,214 of those 117,895 total injuries, were injuries by unjustifiable assaults.

73,373 unjustified attacks with firearms is actually a very small number in a population of 330 Million people.  According to the FBI and Bureau of Justice statistics, 50-70% of all crimes are committed by REPEAT OFFENDERS.

If we could research deeper into WHERE those attacks occurred, we would see trends that do not show in raw statistics (think Chicago gang crimes).

According to the US Department of Justice report, “Firearm Violence, 1993-2011”:

Firearm violence accounted for about 70% of all homicides and less than 10% of all nonfatal violent crime from 1993 to 2011.

So, more than 90% of 1,201,316 violent crimes in 2013 were committed without guns.

It is time to stop this madness of blaming crime on law-abiding citizens and stop the incessant push to regulate the lives of those who do not commit these crimes.

It is also time to stop calling my house.

Bob DePino
Vice President / Field Coordinator
Gun Owners of Vermont