Vermont’s Connection to the 2016 Sequel of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

FRANKLIN COUNTY, VT – A Vermont writer, J.D. Thomason, has recently branched out becoming active in the movie business. Thomason, a resident of Enosburg Falls, has been capturing human interest stories in the area for Northview Magazine. This October, in addition to his writing and video production work, Thomason has become involved with the production of the upcoming sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, This Is It, Hocus Pocus) and legendary producer and Hollywood mogul, Lou Adler.

In January, 2016, Adler contacted Thomason to ask about locating “a futuristic guitar…that can turn into a ray gun.”  The guitar would be used by the character Riff Raff played by Reeve Carney (Penny Dreadful). Originally, the production sought simply to purchase an existing guitar but, after a continued discussion between producer Adler and Thomason, it was decided to construct a one-of-a-kind transforming laser guitar.

Over the course of the following weeks Thomason prepared a preliminary sketch of the guitar and fleshed out the final design with his brother, Jacob, who specializes in sheet metal fabrication for airplanes and custom hot rods in Arizona.

“I was happy to offer whatever design support I could to the production” says J.D. Thomason. “I’ve worked with Lou on various projects over the last 10 years or so, both as a recording artist during the creation of my 2009 album ‘Chasing Demons’ album, and now this. I’m always flattered when Lou reaches out to me for the occasional bit of creative input. But I really consider our relationship to be more like friends than purely business.”

The final construction of the guitar was then supervised by Robert Shipman, head of the production’s props department and features prominently in the official trailer which can be found at

Thomason, himself a movie director, has recently completed his first feature documentary which has been receiving accolades from film festivals across Europe and has recently become an official selection of the prestigious Lisbon International Film Festival. Thomason is currently working on a documentary exploring a werewolf legend.