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Vermont’s Connection to the 2016 Sequel of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

This October, in addition to his writing and video production work, Thomason has become involved with the production of the upcoming sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, This Is It, Hocus Pocus) and legendary producer and Hollywood mogul, Lou Adler.

Pay and Kirsten Hayes, owners of Wood Meadow Market in Enosburg Falls.
Credit: J.D. Thomason

GMO Labeling in Vermont: Retailer Experience, Data Dispute Cost Concerns

While many large media outlets have described Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling initiative as a “controversial” move, independent research indicates that no fewer than 64 countries containing over 40% of the world’s population have been labeling genetically modified foods for over a decade prompting some to ask, What’s so controversial about GMO labeling?

Alanna, left, and Tracy Mayer play Monopoly with Tracy’s sons Sam Grigsby, 7, and Jack Grigsby, 9, at their home in Wilder on March 15. Alanna Mayer, an openly gay woman, won the Mrs. Vermont America pageant in February. Photo by Jennifer Hauck/Valley News

Hartford Woman takes new turn as Mrs. Vermont

Working as a ballet teacher in 2007, Alanna Mayer had no experience as a pageant contestant.

Unlike many of the women who stood with her on stage at the Mrs. America competition, she didn’t grow up in the pageant world and had never competed. Mayer was actually there as part of a bet with a ballet student.